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Sofia Curly

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安装iStripper 取得直接在你的任务栏中 Sofia Curly 的专属色情表演。 露骨的场景持续 39 分钟 激发欲望。



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六月 22, 2018
最佳评论 -SOFIA CURLY by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

Very good interactions speaking russian and good loud orgasms.
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十一月 12, 2018
This show from Sofia was a disappointment compared to 'Got is going on'.

Of the 12 clips in this show only 2 were XXX totalling 12 minutes or so. She was trying hard to convince me she was having orgasms but I didn't believe it.

She talked a lot presumably in Russian & screamed a lot to try to convince us she was getting off. As far as I'm concerned the more noise that comes out of her mouth the less I believe.
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十月 7, 2018
I thoroughly enjoyed this card! A good, full figured lady bringing the sexy on a triple X card.
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