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安装iStripper 取得直接在你的任务栏中 Mira 的专属色情表演。 露骨的场景持续 43 分钟 激发欲望。



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七月 31, 2018
Mira is an alluring babe! Her demeanour oozes femininity & charm. She delivers a range of most adorable facial expressions. Her tall & slender physique is fabulous.

This performance is truly sexy. Mira’s xxx scenes are a delight to see… so beautiful. Love how she uses her vibrator/dildo with gentle tender care. There is something magical about the way Mira enjoys her orgasms.

As a pussy connoisseur, I’m not a fan of larger than normal clit-hoods & protruding inner lips. But in Mira’s case, I make an exception. Somehow they perfectly suit Mira.

This is a very beautiful performance. Truly beautiful.
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十二月 21, 2017
This morning I really thought Christmas had come early - there is a Father Christmas after all and he works for Totem. Around the tree is a present from Mira, which is immediately elevated to the top of the tree being the long awaited xxx and in the stocking there's 3 new erotic video clips. If you want a simply devine, ink, false nail and hardware free, highly erotic Model with lips to die for look no further, which adds up to my personal Model of the year. If you prefer your entry money box style go for Melena Tara
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二月 21, 2018
For the first of Mira's cards that I swa I wrote that she was a little hesitant - that is certainly not the case with this card.

It is an interresting card. I would have preferred rather more tease and a little less XXX, but it is an XXX card and both XXX and non-XXX parts are performed equally well. In particular in the XXX clips Mira's gorgeous body is aways fully available to be admired - something that is not always the case in all XXX cards. One of the XXX clips is somewhat out of the ordinary in that although you know what Mira is doing with her dildo for much of the time you can not actualy see it - it's a XXX teasing clip which I very much liked, though I could understand other not doing so,
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