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二月 1, 2018
Belgium has one of the best schoolsystems. Quite some young people from The Netherlands go to school in Belgium, because of that reason. So there can be no doubt about good grades for Ulysse.

Her rating is too low. At least we see here a model, which moves, which dances. Yes, her show has some restlessness, but I prefer that above slowmotion/nothing-happening shows.

Ulysse has both a sweet as a cute face, lovely long legs and her breasts are like the “Doyenne de Comice”. The outfit is great. I liked the short skirt, the blouse, the high heels and the red lingerie, which combined very well with the black items. Many upskirt views.

Happily in most of the standing clips Ulysse doesn’t wear the stockings and several clips are RFN.

I hadn’t expected that amateurmodel Ulysse would touch her pussy and would be parting her lips.

This show counts 21 clips divided in Standing 6, Pole 5 (no special tricks), Swing 4 (schoolgirl on the swing is realistic) and On TB 6.

Starting nude clip 12, 13 and 14. RFN = real full nude = no stockings, no shoes.

Ulysse should relax a little bit more in the performance. Let’s not forget: this schoolgirl is still learning.
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二月 2, 2018
Ulysee displays that cute and innocent style of hotness that is a refreshing change fromthe in your face porn star style. Hope we gey to see her do some xxx shows....she clearly cant resist touching her pussy ;) !

Must comment on the great photo set too. Some refreshingly different poses and love the pantly pulling and pussy spreading..something I wish we would see more of.
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一月 30, 2018
This is my best student card in my large collection; Ulysse is lovable in all the seconds of the card, for me she is fantastic on the swing.

In 2018 this is the best card near her first card Animal Instinct and the cards of my love Chrissy Fox.

I hope many works like this one, 5+++
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