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 3.9 (154 票)

安装iStripper 取得直接在你的任务栏中 Ulysse 的专属色情表演。 露骨的场景持续 42 分钟 激发欲望。



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一月 21, 2018
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (In a good way ;) )

The Good

Great Performance, Moves her body in a way which makes anyone want Ulysse's card

Great Outfit, In several Clips Ulysse emphasizes the strengths of what she is wearing

Great body and looks, No need to say anymore ;).

Ok amount of clips, includes all Full Nudity (However...Some clips were actually Nudity than Full Nudity)

The Bad

For myself, there was no bad for this show,

For other members, I noticed in some clips from other members comments that their is the taking off of shoes in clips where Ulysse could have left them on (Standing & Pole clips).

Also, in ALL Clips, Ulysse uses her hands a little too much

(In places where most members want to see Ulysse's hidden beauty, instead Ulysse's hands turn the show into a striptease)

The Ugly

There was no Ugly anything for Ulysse's Animal Instinct Show :D

And I look forward to seeing the rest of Ulysse's clips. (if the rest are just as good, here's hoping for a take 2) ;)

Rating 5.0 out of 5.0
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四月 4, 2018
Talk about untapped potential!
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一月 15, 2018
How cute !
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一月 14, 2018
Sometimes a little clumsy, but it just ads to her charm! I like this girl A LOT, she's a true beauty with great eyecontact during the show. Great casting job by totem, keep her cards coming please!
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一月 17
I see why she tried the heavy eye makeup for an animal look, but it was still too much. No need for the oily hair either. Half a star off for each of those plus another half star for the waste of a shaven brunette.

This card was a disapointment. With her hot body and decent routine, it still comes out at 3.5 but it could have been into the 4s or even 5.
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一月 15, 2018
It’s hard to believe this is first card. So much good for a first card.
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四月 29, 2018
The use of a wrap worn over the lingerie was a welcome addition, one that I would like to see more often, but Ulysse made almost no attempt to use item or indeed any item of clothing, to tease us and instead simply removed them very quickly and delivered a nude dancing session.
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一月 16, 2018
5 for enthusiasm..Ulysse shows us how daunting it must be to do a first show. Bravo for her courage and good humour throughout

Beauty in body and honesty. Ink-free loveliness. When Ulysse starts to move like she is underwater she will be a star performer here.
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一月 14, 2018
A beautiful girl with a soft, womanly figure. Not a professional dancer, the show can be a bit jerky at times and she doesn't have much courage on the pole. She maintains eye contact and pace and seems comfortable with herself and unselfconscious. It's a good show and I look forward to seeing if she develops as a performer in future cards.
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一月 14, 2018
Was waiting for this show to come out ever since the previews...however, I'm extremely disappointed she took the heels off in all pole clips so I gotta give a lower rating. Things like this will prevent me from getting her future shows.

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