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 4.3 (145 票)

安装iStripper 取得直接在你的任务栏中 Selene 的专属色情表演。 露骨的场景持续 41 分钟 激发欲望。



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十二月 8, 2017
Would love to share some devotion with you, Ms Selene . . . believe that I could love on you all night . . . every night . . . day,too . . . every day!
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二月 19, 2018
A superb example of the art of teasing.I particularly liked those clips where Selene removed her panties while never quite revealing anything but always giving the impression that a slip could be made at any point in the process, this was perfectly performed (and was of course quickly followed up by a full reveal).

I am rather puzzled by the relatively low rating of 4.28 currently assigned to this card when all the comments here are associated with awards of five stars, but presumably some people really do not like this card.
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十二月 13, 2017
Filmstar face, beautifully candid with her inkless body

which is exquisite for a dancer. Selene has a wonderful

notion of teasing hesitation to remove garments

no doubt ratings are being hammered down by the

anti-slim brigade. However Big future for Selene.

Its not only the body, She has that chemistry 5+^40
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