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Cara Mell

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安装iStripper 取得直接在你的任务栏中 Cara Mell 的专属色情表演。 露骨的场景持续 40 分钟 激发欲望。



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十一月 12, 2018
I have just GOT to master my addiction to this super hot, taunting, teasing bitch before she drives me completely crazy!

“Sorry, baby!”, she giggles, with a wicked, smile on her beautiful face, hands on her hips, legs spread nice… and wide -- completely… stunningly… gorgeously… nude! “Looks like the only “mastering” YOU’LL ever be doing is constantly… endlessly… mastur…bating! And in case you had any silly thoughts of escaping -- a few hundred of my “closest friends” are going to make sure THAT will NEVER happen!”, she laughs with her cool, challenging, stare – as she bends over -- shoving her stunning, delectable ass… right in my face! Foxy… Celeste… Sapphira…Viola… Nancy… Casey… Natali… Vivia… Paulina… Katya… Clarice… Alyssia… -- you remember THEM, don’t you, baby?”, she laughs with a knowing, challenging smirk! “So you see, baby, the only thing you’ve “just GOT to” keep doing – is… jerking… off… -- right, baby?”, she demands, with her dominating, confident, locked in stare – guaranteeing – without a doubt -- that I’LL be helplessly trapped by this beautiful babe -- for a long… long… LONG… time to cum…

Oh my! Oh my, gorgeous! I guess I have to admit -- with a maddening, completely dick stiffening certainty -- that by the time you’re through working me over? the only mastering… I’LL ever be doing… is constantly… endlessly… mastur-bating – totally… permanently… irreversibly… addicted to you -- you taunting… teasing… gorgeous… hot… little… bitch!

And the more I struggle to escape? The more impossibly rigid I seem to get! Those legs! That ass! Those tits! Those moves!

“That’s right, baby! But have a… nice… time… trying -- it’ll only makes it harder on you – so to speak!”, she laughs, giggling uncontrollably at my obvious embarrassment and confusion , with a maddeningly teasing… deliciously taunting… cock teasing… smirk on her gorgeous face!

Ya, Cara– guess I’ve just GOT to accept the unbelievable, shocking, embarrassing -- and totally , dick stiffening, maddening, arm cramping fact -- that I’m never going to “master my addiction” to your taunting… and… teasing… and the only thing “I have just got to” do – is keep staring… and keep stroking… right, gorgeous?

“That’s right, baby…” she laughs – as she struts her way off the stage…

I really never had a choice either, did I, gorgeous?

“Of course you have a choice, jerk boy!”, she whispers with a cool, challenging look on her lovely face and a wicked, smirking grin, laughing uncontrollably! -- “You can choose… your left hand… or… your… right… hand…”
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九月 1, 2017
An awesomely crafted card. A new vocal intro preview. Outfit is top notch, sexy shorts, zippered top, belly chain and a choker? :o Then put Cara in all of it = massive win
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九月 4, 2017
Not nearly as good as her best card astounding. I was looking for her to be as comfortable on stage as in that amazing card. She seems to be holding back in this one. Of course she is still stunning, although she has lost some weight so her boobs look a little more fake, not sure if they are or not, but they appear to not be natural. This card is very similar to her earlier cards of her first series. Hopefully her xxx will feature more energetic dancing.
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