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安装iStripper 取得直接在你的任务栏中 Kristina 的专属色情表演。 露骨的场景持续 40 分钟 激发欲望。



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九月 13, 2017
Rock me baby, Rock me baby all night long,

fantasized the steppenwolf behind his mask.

Don’t know or Kristina is an Easy Rider. But now serious:

Kristina is a star, a rockstar, one of the best performers of iStripper.

For me the best of the new models in this year (2017).

Talent of the month October 2017? Must be!!!

Supergirl, supershow, superoutfit.

She could wear this outfit in real life and that’s what I like most.

Great dancing both tip-toe as on high heels!

With her arched back Kristina looks fantastic in the side views.
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十一月 12, 2017
Hell yeah. Thats what's up. Love that Girl
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十月 1, 2017
Dancing ability 4/5

One of the better classical dancers on the site...couple this with her stunning looks and any card of Kristina's has a ton of potential.

Sexyness: 1/5

Kristina has not fully accepted that she is a star of erotica. She teases but in such a way that the viewer knows or thinks that she doesn't really want to get naked. She may have an advisor, boyfriend, agent who is off stage advising her because she often looks to the side and even sticks her tongue out at that person. Not sexy when a girl is interacting with another person during a strip tease.

Beauty: 4/5

Absolutely gorgeous woman, wish she had some trim but she is pretty perfect, great smile, body, athletic ability.

Showwomanship: 1/5

She appears to not like what she is doing in this card. She seems bored at times, looks off to the side of the stage, even seems to sigh at times as the show drags she is an amazing TALENT, but it seems she hasn't bought into the whole erotic model thing...she is hot enough that I think she could have a real modeling career and so that may be a hang up of hers...she gives the appearance that she isn't into sex or the sexiness of stripping so the card comes off as more of a ballet routine and not an erotic show. I prefer a great mix of explicit dancing, she shows her "goods" for maybe 10 seconds the entire show...a very tame card.
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