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Katy Jones

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三月 2, 2018
Good card. I like bikini cards. Time isn't wasted in arriving at nude.I hate seeing a girl struggle to take something off. I prefer nude, shaved, and barefoot. Especially those clips that start off nude. Some people like a slow strip and I can appreciate that. But, I get bored waiting. As the old saying goes: "So many women. So little time." But that being said, I think the challenge for the good model is to be nude, wear just a smile, move well and be interesting without resorting to vulgarities or too many props.Dildoes are a no no. I'm not an x fan.
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一月 11
Great tits, nice ass, but terrible poll-dancing work. You can tell she has no clue what to do with the poll.

Would have loved to see some leg-extensions, or spreads but I was disappointed.
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一月 4, 2018
A beautiful girl and she makes a good job of making stripping from a bikini interesting, but I always think that a bikini is a poor choice to start from as there is too little to strip off. At the very least a beach wrap or sun dress worn over the bikini would have ben a better starting point. Neverthe less I enjoyed the card and have rated it quite highly
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