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安装iStripper 取得直接在你的任务栏中 Cara Mell 的专属色情表演。 露骨的场景持续 35 分钟 激发欲望。



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二月 24, 2017
Today three new cards and all three with jarretelles (suspenders and girdle). That’s an overdose.

Suspenders and girdle are for me a turnoff, quite old fashioned, not sexy at all.

Without girdle and suspenders it is fantactic lingerie!

Because I like Cara Mell so much, I bought this card and I don’t regrett it.

Cara Mell has a very good way of moving: not too slow, not too soft, but firm and elegant.

Also no fake smiles or overdose of smiles.

She doesn’t fall in the trap of trying to be too sexy, which always results in the opposite.

Cara Mell is already sexy by herself. The high heels make her even more so and accentuate her tight butt.

All standing and pole clips on high heels and with stockings.

For those who don’t like an occasional touching: they can close their eyes.
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五月 7, 2017
All Yours is now All to speak :P

I love this sexy lingerie...but with charming beauty Cara Mell in it...I don't even notice it anymore...okay maybe just a little lol ;)
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二月 24, 2017
I'm the opposite of the previous comment - I love the retro look, I find it very sexy - so I suppose that just demonstrates that iStripper cannot please everybody all the time ;)

Perfectly sexy girl in sexy clothes, but an average performance - there's enough movement to call it dancing I think but pole clips don't really use the pole for anything much, which gives me a "doesn't really know what she's doing" vibe.

Like I say, a sexy enough girl, but minus one point for unimaginative performance.
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