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Jenna Sativa

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安装iStripper 取得直接在你的任务栏中 Jenna Sativa 的专属色情表演。 露骨的场景持续 35 分钟 激发欲望。



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十二月 28, 2016
最佳评论 Wow, I mean just wow... the moves match the looks - an instant favourite, beautiful smile and a perfectly trimmed bush - I sure hope we're going to get a lot of cards from Jenna... fingers crossed for some classy outfits too, she'd totally kill it... wow
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一月 11, 2017
Jenna Sativa: Feverish

Card Setup: 7 Full-Nude clips, 12 Topless

1. How does the card show the physical form of the model?(Beauty, Dancing Ability, Flexibility, Diversity of Movement, Speed)

BEAUTY:(4/5): Jenna is very good looking for an established American porn star. She has a very nice and curvy ass and thigh area. She is very flexible even though she is curvy. A beautiful combination. Her ass is well shaped and deep and this provides a natural tease for the twerk and doggy poses that will come later. Her breasts are medium size but still nice and very bouncy. She has a nice smile and great sensual lips. There is no sign of plastic surgery or tattoos. She has a really large bush, so large in fact you can see it the entire show. I find this epic, others may not. You can she was casted in her career as a girl next door type, but now she is grown into a woman. If you put her is a nice sweater and skirt she could play off as a sexy second year elementary teacher, a working professional with a cute smile, and normal hair style. In this scene she is a stripper. She may look cute and sweet but her moves are that of a sexual beast. WOW!

DANCING ABILITY: (4.3/5): Best Clips (13, 14,17,19)

Her standing clips: Her standing clips are great for a lot of reasons unique to Jenna. She is petite, 5” 2’, and curvy with nice thick and deep ass and thighs, combined with a skinny and flexible body. I found the topless clips to be above average because her substantial bush shows around her panties. This made her topless clips more explicit than is normal. The standard topless clip has her doing fast hip sway while running her hands up down her body from thighs to boobs to hair, and then an ass slap. All the while she is shaking thighs and ass. A great setup and tease for the two nude cards. Clip 18 start with her shaking her hips and thighs front facing, she is already topless so she removes her panties in a cool single move, front squat to table, panties off, and then a couple pelvic thrusts back to standing. At this point she twerks from three different angles but not from behind, at least fully. This is frustrating, but a decent tease for clip 19, which will be the finale. Clip 19 starts with a standard right/left sway with some thigh and ass jiggles mixed in. Like the other greats she knows to show all angles to the viewer. Her top comes off quickly as she sways and then she makes her way to the table where she is elite. Here she is more subdued but does a great and unique transition from table to standing where she does a squat to stand. This is a really difficult move, and really only possible for a flexible girl with her dimensions. Once she is standing she ends the clip with a transcendent twerk. Her deep ass normally hides her “goods” but during this twerk all is revealed and it is glorious. Her twerk is natural and well practiced, she has extremely loose hips and I imagine her ass jiggles slightly just wa
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十一月 26, 2018
Now this is what iStripper Should be all about. Excellent very professional dancing and stripping!

Jenna does a fantastic strip job with a lot of tease. The way she gyrates her hips would make anyone, man or woman sweat.

Loved the outfit. The skirt that she rolls off and on, the Gstring (I feel should be part of every show's outfit) and the top just complements her nice fit body.

Totem really got the progress hotness arranged bang on for this show, salute to the director, editor and Jenna for that.

Couldn't take my eyes of the sceen for even a second in either standing, pole or taskbar, Jenna really shines through as a fantastic iStripper and this show is what you'd have your girl do for you.

Thunder thighs , Thrills , Twerks you make me insane. Jenna, you are one hot babe and i'd Grind with you all day long baby.

I thought of all this by clip 13, but she just keeps getting hotter and hotter till the last clip. Lovely performance. <3
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