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Emma Brown

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八月 24, 2016
Emma Brown dances like she would in the disco.

Very energetically and ecstatic.

A great natural dancer and next-door girl.

I love her.
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3 小时 以前
Hot model wearing a hot outfit. If you like a natural woman, Emma is the model to watch. She has an awesome smile, she has an awesome rearend, she's a great dancer, and I love her small breasts with her perky nipples. A favorite model.

One of the reasons I like Istripper is because of models like Emma. I'll take her over any "porn" nightmare. Emma is a true sexy woman. To me there isn't anything sexy about implants and plastic surgery.

Emma is a very beutiful model and I'm glad I've purchased her cards.
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五月 2, 2017
This isn't a bad show. For some reason her color looks a little off to me. I don't know if it is the lighting or not but she looks more natural in her pictures.

This show has twenty-one clips with two of them being XXX clips with brief two-finger plunges in both of them.
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