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Lucy Heart

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三月 31, 2015
I never thought this possible but the beautiful Lucy Heart did it: She made up for that stupid outfit. Don't get me wrong folks I love high heels, stockings and suspenders. But when it comes to a school uniform I want to see a skirt. This skirt however isn't a skirt it's in fact a suspenders holder. So when the suspenders go the "skirt" has to go too which means no upskirt moves.The show: Several swing clips but absolutely no pole dance. Meh. Lucy never takes off that shoes and those stockings which is a BIG plus plus for me. I LOVE IT and this clearly saves the show for me. The girl: Lucy is seductive and smiles a lot she really seems to have fun. She's natural looking and likeable with a body to die for. Her face for me is flawless.Thanks for the show Lucy!
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二月 3, 2018
Beautiful girl with a great body. Doesn't seem to be that coordinated as she almost fell a few times trying to take off her panties. Show wasn't really that entertaining. She doesn't dance, strikes poses as she takes off her clothes.
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三月 30, 2015
Lucy works her magic again. Watch her after a hard day at work to be restored. She has the cure, positive, relaxed, unrushed and intimate ~ just the right amount of 'shy'. A totally engaging feminine stage persona. Double her with Ennie Paris on fullscreen for the full treatment. More of this classy lady please. Gorgeous face, skin
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