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Amarna Miller

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安装iStripper 取得直接在你的任务栏中 Amarna Miller 的专属色情表演。 露骨的场景持续 35 分钟 激发欲望。



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七月 23, 2014

Amarna Miller's a sweet, all natural red headed beauty. She's not a pole dancer but her moves are much better than those of other girls here! The outfit is hot, the show is very entertaining, never gets boring. 17 clips, no swing, no cage. Bravo! In my opinion 17 clips are the perfect length for any show by the way! However, this sexy redhead enchanted me with her wonderful smile, her long fiery thatch and her gracile moves. And given the fact that she's a porn star this girl's got the most charming and seductive way of going explicit I've ever seen on VG! No fake masturbation or pseudo fingering, thank you Amarna! I love the fact that she keeps wearing those high heels during the whole show, she never takes them off! Lovely! I really think this is one of the best cards to be released in months and a must have for any collection. Just can't understand why her rating is so low. Thanks Totem, thanks Amarna! More shows like this and I will end up being a poor man someday ;-)
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七月 18, 2014
A good variety of clips, and although she is obviously not a natural pole dancer she uses it confidently to make some nice bocy shapes and has a few good moves. Armana's major skill is in knowing how to slowly tease and remove clothing seductively for the viewer's benefit, rather than just casting it off as though she was in a hurry to get into the shower. Not sure the black lace necklace goes with the underwear - it would have been better if it were white to match the straps and bows of her bra and knickers. But that is only a minor gripe in what is otherwise a very welcome first card.

Amarna is a lovely girl with a big dazzling smile that appears naturally and not turned on like a light switch, suggesting that she genuinely loves showing off her body. Pale skin, redhead, pert small breasts and no ugly tattoos to spoil the soft canvas of her skin. Amarna - please don't go for breast augmentation or get someone to scribble on you. You are absolutely gorgeous and perfect as you are.
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七月 19, 2014
She obviously loves to tease and show off her body. Her had so much fun it was contageous.

She's not a pole dancer but she was so much better than average I had to say very good.

Scale: Very good 10, Good/Above average 9, OK/Average 8.

10 Attitude-having fun. Eye contact-very good. Smile-very good. Expressions-very good. Tease-very good.

9.8 Face-pretty. Complexion-very good. Makeup-very good. Hair-long & loose.

10 Figure-very good. Tan-none or very light. Tattoos-none. Piercings-none.

9.6 Honey Pot-shaved. Ass-very nice. Tits-natural, a touch small-firm.

10 Task bar-fully nude. Spread view-very good. Positions/movement-very good.

9.7 Pole clips-fully nude. Spread view-good. Pole use-very good.

10 In/Out-fully nude. Spread view-very good. Positions & movement-very good.

na If you care: Explicit contact-very good. Feet-in heels.

She's not my normal type but her performance made me add her to my favorites.

This is her 1st VG card but she has Desk Babes experience.
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