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Ava Dalush

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安装iStripper 取得直接在你的任务栏中 Ava Dalush 的专属色情表演。 露骨的场景持续 41 分钟 激发欲望。



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六月 10, 2014
What a sweet beautiful girl Ava is! Great natural body and a lovely smile. Those eyes...when I'd see Ava out on the street in this red dress I would assess her shy and reserved. Guess she's full o' surprises then ;-) Really love her breasts, her booty and that lovely bush of hers. Most of the time she doesn't take off the shoes, which is another plus plus for me. No cage and no swing, not too many x-rated clips. Damn, this is one hot and well balanced card, totem thanks! Can't wait to see more of this lovely newcomer here on VG!!!
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六月 9, 2014
Ava Dalush is a tiny little stick of dynamite ready to explode! ( Her bio says she's 4'7".) I could play with her all day and enjoy every minute. Nice natural breasts, wide hips and a big, delicious ass that you just want to tongue explore.

This flirty little dress, compliments her movements with just the right amount of tease, without making her look too girly. The hair and makeup also is a plus for her. All a striking combination.

Her performance suggests that she's not a pole dancer, but that doesn't take anything away from what she's doing. I would have thought that she'd have her panties off more underneath the dress to enhance the flirt. She does love her pussy and makes you want to dive right in to help her enjoy.

This is a good 1st card for Ava. I definitely want to see more of her. But please don't do anything silly like put her in shorts.

I give this a solid 9.4/10. Good job in finding this one Totem!
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四月 3, 2018
Clip Notes™ for a1624 - Ava Dalush/Detention Room

No audio; Burgundy dress, black panties, black shoes

4. 0:24- Table, No nudity

5. 0:40- Table, No nudity

6. 0:34- Standing, No nudity

7. 0:40- Pole, No nudity

8. 1:39- Table, No nudity

9. 1:08- Table, No nudity

10. 1:02- Standing, No nudity

11. 1:05- Pole, No nudity

12. 1:12- Table, Topless

13. 1:07- Standing, Topless

14. 0:48- Standing, Topless

15. 1:02- Standing, Topless

16. 0:55- Standing, Topless

17. 0:34- Standing, Nudity

18. 1:11- Table, Nudity; Slight rubbing

19. 1:20- Pole, Nudity; Slight rubbing

20. 1:04- Table, Topless; Slight rubbing

21. 2:17- Table, XXX; 1 finger, rubbing, orgasm

22. 2:38- Pole, XXX; Rubbing, 1 finger

23. 3:27- Table, XXX; Rubbing, 1 finger, possible orgasm

24. 1:40- Table, XXX; Rubbing, 1 finger, possible orgasm

25. 3:54- Pole, XXX; Rubbing, 1 finger, possible orgasm

26. 3:39- Table, XXX; Rubbing, 1 finger, possible orgasm

27. 2:28- Standing, XXX; Rubbing, 1 finger, 2 fingers, orgasm

28. 3:59- Standing, XXX; Rubbing, 1 finger
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