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Katy Angel

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安装iStripper 取得直接在你的任务栏中 Katy Angel 的专属色情表演。 露骨的场景持续 32 分钟 激发欲望。



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九月 16, 2013
What a beautiful girl but I was dissapointed by her flat ass.
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九月 19, 2013
I have just finishing watching her show, it is a good show the only thing is that Katy Angel didn`t smile to much. She is a pretty girl with a very nice body, nice big boobs and nice legs. I like to see her in her next card smile more. And for some of you she has a nice ass. Let`s see her in a dress or something sexy. 9/10 for me over all.
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九月 15, 2013
Cela fait longtemps (quelques semaines) que je n'avais pas vu une fille aussi mignonne ici :)

Ca nous change des boudins de ces derniers mois...

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九月 13, 2013
Romania's most beautiful women have always been the sexiest in my book. Not only do they have the angelic like beauty, but they have that accent that melts my ever beating heart. And this fine pulchritudinous, Ms Katy Angel is heavenly divine and charmingly dazzling. I can watch her for hours upon hours and still want more of this angel of a lady. And the title of this show Morning Smoke fits perfectly fine lady. Cause, Ms Katy Angel is smoking hot! I suggest to all in VG land should have this card in there collect, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. For you will not be let down one bit, and she does open leg too. I can't wait to see more of the beauteous Katy Angel!!! \m/
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十月 20, 2018
Let’s say it, Katy is far from moving the dust on the stage.

But she has her own, calm, discreet, shy style.

And what a body...

• Just love the natural hair falling on her shoulders

• Looks freshly maintained

• A little something to the eyes?

• Discrete makeup, nice lipstick color

• Nail color contrast, hands and feet, nice

• Just love the London “loose” t-shit, camisole, as you want

• Nice colors that go well with the short

• Simple, relax short that put her legs up front

• No belt to the short, it’s “relax style”

• Nice long legs

• Simple sandals (Yeah!) (Did I say it?) (Yeah!)

• Bra and undie… Gee…

• Pure white that contrast Katy tanned skin

• Love the little shape in the undie

• The accessory, this “pouf style chair”

• With Katy this is the show

Don’t you think Katy looks “relax” in this pouf?

I sure would relax just to look at her.

Maybe not…

One thing missing perhaps?

A coffee mug or something…

Katy on her knees…

Melting screen.

Katy Angel in Morning Smoke.

Five stars.
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十月 14, 2013
Gorgeous woman...

All the right moves....


Very little o' the right Erotic attitude. card 'n' out for me.....

(unless I crank up a nice bit o' FantaSex 'bout doin' "it" with a less than willing babe).

But I am a CyberGentleman & wouldn't tell ya 'bout that here!

A shame her Exceptionally Amazing Beauty isn't matched by her "Erotitude"!


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九月 13, 2013
Sweet, young, innocent face...... with massive, natural all woman breasts! She's a 10 for sure!
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九月 14, 2013
She could smile more, she could pretend that she isn't so bored, and she could move with a bit more enthusiasm. All of that being said, though... Ye gods! Katy is absolutely smokin'! Holy sheepshit, Batman, my boner is about to burst!

This woman is sooooooo gorgeous and has a fantastic body! I do hope that her other cards contain more lively performances, however...
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九月 16, 2013
superbe -j adore -une belle brune tres beau corps , seins magnifiques et lourds

j'espere tres vite de nouvelles cartes avec la tres excitante katy-je suis completement tombe amoureux d'elle

je lui met 10/10
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九月 14, 2013
I very sexy lady with a hot hot body. But I agree with other comments, a little more enthusiasm would go a long way. Would luv to see her in lingerie, or fishnet stockings, or leather or wearing a strap-on with another lady.

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