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安装iStripper 取得直接在你的任务栏中 Vani 的专属色情表演。 露骨的场景持续 37 分钟 激发欲望。



已加入 在 6月 2009

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五月 1, 2013
Vani is a very hot, perfectly built newcomer to Virtua Girl featuring beautiful raven hair, a magazine fresh face, and awesome big natural breasts. She is about as perfect as they come and her show is all about showing that to you, including plenty of "come hither" smiles and interaction.

The outfit is a bikini bottom and a tight, leather racing jacket that (my favorite) unzips to unveil what's beneath. She does well with this and has the art of striptease down. With her slightly nervous smile to go with that mindblowing body, she's a great mix of approachable perfection.

Definitely a great card and one well worth getting. No special moves here, but none are needed when you're of Vani's caliber.
已加入 在 9月 2010

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五月 19, 2013
Vani ist wie immer heiß. 9 Punkte weil mir das Outfit nicht so gefällt
已加入 在 4月 2011

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四月 30, 2013
I like this card on VANI she is a very pretty women nice body, good show and her outfit looks good on her too. Now we need a sexy dress red on her I know she would look great in. 9.5/10 for me over all.
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