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Sheila Cooper

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安装iStripper 取得直接在你的任务栏中 Sheila Cooper 的专属色情表演。 露骨的场景持续 37 分钟 激发欲望。



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五月 13, 2013
In this company Sheila's old enough - and got the looks - to be a MILF, and one I'd definitely LF! Strange outfit - sort of "sexy milf at the gym" look with lacy leotard and legwarmers. Pole work okay, and the non-poll stuff has a good slow (maybe even very slow) strip, although maybe slightly less than it could have been because Sheila has to keep flicking her hair out of the way. Although maybe others would regard that as a plus?

Biggest drawback of this set though is the use of the shark cage again - so 1960's gogo club, and probably a low point, although Sheila seems to "work it" better than a lot of the others I've seen consigned to the cage.

Like I said, if you get turned on by the thought of watching some cougar at the gym then get this card. Sheila definitely looks like a maneater, and boy would you enjoy being the main course! ;)
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七月 14, 2018
OK, Sheila, let me just make my position absolutely clear! I will NOT let you just casually, completely, and permanently turn me into a stiff, stroking automated piston machine, continuously worshiping your gorgeous bod, and endlessly masturbating!

“Let ME make MY “positions” absolutely clear, Mast-ur-ba-tion Boy!”, she giggles with an arrogant, challenging smirk, and her smug, bitchy attitude -- as she strips nude, standing tall and proud and spreads her gorgeous legs nice and wide, with her hands on her hips – “how do you like this “position”, baby?”, and how about this one?” – as she slowly bends over, spreading her ass cheeks nice and wide, wiggling side to side, “Perfect for kissing my asshole, huh, baby?”, “or maybe THIS one?” as she hikes one leg high up the pole, “or here’s another "position" I’m SURE you’ll like!”, she whispers with a wicked, bold smirk on her lovely face…

Uh, well… ya… ok, gorgeous, ok -- let me just make… my position… absolutely… clear… -- you have completely… and permanently… turned me… into a stiff... stroking... automated... piston machine... -- continuously worshiping… your gorgeous bod… and endlessly… masturbating …
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七月 29, 2013
Sheila is "hot!" She exudes sex. She is well proportioned, and she obviously enjoys sharing herself.
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