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Danielle Trixie

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安装iStripper 取得直接在你的任务栏中 Danielle Trixie 的专属色情表演。 露骨的场景持续 41 分钟 激发欲望。



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十一月 14, 2010
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Here is a summary

The black and gold bikini isn't my favourite look for Danielle, but she again looks stunningly beautiful and very sexy in it.

She performed on the task-bar with a very good sense of interaction and eye contact, a great seductive quality and a lot of personality. She could perhaps have added more fun, but she performed dynamically enough to entertain and hold my interest.

In the pole clips Danielle performed a pretty good routine for a non-pole dancer. Not very dynamic, but she used the pole well as a prop to enhance a sexy routine. I've seen better from her on the pole though.

The standing clips were relatively poor for Danielle. She didn't do very much to maintain interest, the bikini didn't give her much to work with and she spent far too much time on the floor in 2 of the clips.

So another solid performance from Danielle, but well below her best overall.
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三月 27, 2011
She has more desktop dancing and striptease seduction going on in this one than has been seen in her other cards. This is definitely one of her better performances in that regard.

The card features an OK outfit, nothing special, but this beautiful VirtuaGirl wastes no time getting rid of it anyway. She gets somewhat explicit in many scenes and is more concentrated on putting on a show than she was in some other cards, but overall her performance is still not perfect. She lacks the great attitude that sets apart the Perfect 10 form the rest.
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一月 15, 2014
Danielle Trixie est une femme magnifique !

Sa tenue trés sexy, lui va parfaitement.

Ses yeux sont ravageurs et me font fondre quand elle regarde comme une coquine ! Ca bouche, souvent entrouverte, donne des envies trés perverses ;) .

Ses seins sont d'une forme que je trouve idéal car, sans être trop gros, il tombe généreusement si bien qu'elle joue avec à ca guise, ce qui est trés excitant. Ces tétons imposant viennent rajouter une couche de beauté à ces dernier que je ne serait pas décrire, c'est juste beau ^^.

Ses petites fesses rebondies sont sublime et sa chatte, que vous pourrez déja imaginer a travers ca petite culotte ;), en ferrait jalouser plus d'une !

Vous l'aurez compris, pour moi, sont corp est parfait et elle sait jouer avec ! 10/10 car je suis envouté ! Merci Danielle pour cette merveilleuse carte !
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